Dance Research Matters because…

We will be asking our panel members to finish this sentence and tell us why dance research matters to them. Their answers will be shared as part of this blog. Please feel free to add your own ending to this sentence in the comments section.

Dance Research Matters because…

‘Dance research matters because enquiries that start from or touch upon the body are essential in almost every academic discipline today. Here, dance research provides already well established tools and offers critical perspectives.’ Susanne Foellmer

‘Dance research matters because it illuminates the evidence that humans need to bring us back to that which we really only ‘have’ in this life – our bodies, our spirit, and each other.’ Vip Artpradid

‘Dance research matters because dance is intrinsic to human behaviour. It is both feared and celebrated across societies, proving its power and importance to human culture. Researching it increases our knowledge and understanding of the human condition.’ Rosemary Lee

‘Dance Research Matters because it is the foundation of process. Without process we have no product and with no product we have nothing to export and trade within our now re-emerging cultural economy.’ Dan Daw

‘Dance research matters because it matters to people. Now, more than ever, we are being made aware of how we move, interact with, and exist in the world, alongside one another. Dance research helps (and will continue to help) us to make sense of being together in the world – moving, communicating, and creating.’ Kathryn Stamp

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