The Event

Held on Thursday 27th May 2021 – 9:30 – 17:15GMT, online

The Dance Research Matters event, held on 27th May 2021, had been in planning for 18 months, growing from an initial meeting between Helen Weedon (AHRC) and C-DaRE to discuss how to support the future of dance research.

The conference was an opportunity to come together and share our experiences and expertise, to think together in how we can build and sustain a vibrant future for dance research, to galvanise our researchers to be confident, resilient, and to take a lead in shaping the future of the wider research landscape.  

We hope to continue the conversations and activities well beyond the conference. This website is intended to document the event, the discussions and keep the connections going through a blog and provide some resources that will be valuable in advocating for showing why Dance Research is important

Read the position paper by Sarah Whatley here

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